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Blitzkrieg technique dating

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During research for the book I had the pleasure of once again speaking to ex-members of the band, some of whom I hadn’t seen or spoken to for 18 years.

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The barbers were working overtime in 1976 as thousands of likely lads lopped off their locks and re-vamped their record collections.I’ve also had to leave out a major part of the Index/Information section, due to time restrictions.The plan was to include a complete list of taped songs in the archive, but release of the book would have been delayed, probably for months.I would like to acknowledge the contributions of Mick Todd and Alan Savage of Basczax, both of whom provided material for this book.I would also like to thank our main ‘roadie’, John ‘D.However, if anyone wants the ‘Complete Tape-ography’ as a supplement, please let me know.

I am always looking to add to the archive, so if anyone out there has bootleg tapes of gigs, or even photographs of the band in action, I would be glad to hear from them.

Although the enduring image of UK punks, both groups and groupies alike (male and female) were of working class wastrels, many were middle class, adopting a pose of poverty.

Students and Social Secretaries were in on the act too - the booking of The Doctors Of Madness one week and The Damned the next didn't faze them. The problem with history, of course, is that there's always a pre-history.

The saddest (but most predictable) thing about Punk was that it was so short lived.

Although the Pistols first gig was in November 1975, the UK as a whole didn't really catch on until the Autumn of 1976, and by the end of 1978 it really was All Over.

If anyone wishes to contact the band, here is a list of emails: John Hodgson (aka Blank Frank) e-mail: [email protected] Dunn (aka Bert Presley) e-mail: M.