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It is very hard to detect where data is coming from or where it is going, even if the location is discovered.Almost any type of data can be deposited at a blind drop.

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Malware and Trojans also check for whether any new messages or instructions have been posted at blind drops.“For the next year, it’s more about getting penetration – getting people to share ideas and create forums and what not,” says Honda.Later, one possible direction for the company would be into recruiting. Η χρέωση γίνεται μία μόνο φορά τη στιγμή που στέλνεις εσύ το μήνυμα. Τα SMS διευθετούνται μέσω της εταιρίας AMAZE ΑΕ - χρέωση €3,65/SMS (με φπα), πλέον τέλους συνδρομητών κινητής, βάσει λογαριασμού. A blind drop is a hidden location where a malware program, Trojan or virus drops information gathered from a host.“There are lots communications that go on about jobs and HR-related stuff.” He says he could see Blind ultimately embracing aspects of Glassdoor’s model.

“We don’t want to move in that direction too soon, though,” he adds.

Blind’s origins trace back to Naver, the South Korean Internet giant, which long ran a widely used employee forum but pulled the plug when employees began making less-than-flattering remarks about management.

When a group of Naver employees left to form Blind, many Naver employees embraced the platform, followed by employees elsewhere.

If a user gets flagged seven times within a certain period, we’ll phase out that user, as well.” Indeed, one of the biggest challenges to Blind would seem to be privacy concerns. There’s also the question of a business model, something about which “we talk about a lot,” laughs Honda of DCM.

It’s also a question the company is putting off, for now.

The automatically gathered data remains in that location until it is retrieved by the attacker.