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Bindingsource not updating database

bindingsource not updating database-42

Add(my Custom Object3); The problem is Fill Adaptor. Just make sure to do a Refill and then follow up with Reset bindings post any data changes and Grid will get refreshed. And even better - if you have an update event attached to each data item in the bindningsource you can locate the object in the bindning source and use the index of the object to call Reset Item(idx) In this case my custom event args contains a dictionary key to the data object contained in a separate collection.

Because in the Module I've closed the connection to the SQL Server.I have a Data Grid View made of a Data Set of a table from the DB.When I delete a row, it is updated in the database but it is not removed from the Grid View.using namespace System; using namespace System:: Collections:: Generic; using namespace System:: Component Model; using namespace System:: Data; using namespace System:: Drawing; using namespace System:: Text; using namespace System:: Xml; using namespace System:: Windows:: Forms; using namespace System:: IO; namespace System_Windows_Forms_Update Binding int main() Imports System. Collections Class Form1 Inherits Form ' Declare the objects on the form. Reseting an individual item using Reset Item() worked!

Reset Bindings(false); You will have to manually call Reset Bindings() after the data source changes if you use a container that cannot do that on your behalf. I tried the built in mechanism using Property Changed but nothing updated.

This is my first post in here, but this forum already helped me a lot. Close() Return ds Catch ex As Exception Message Box.

First, sorry for my English, i'm from Brazil and i'm trying to write without a translator.

Text = "Form1" ' Create an Array List containing some of the State objects.

Add(New State("Montana", "Helena")) binding Source1 = New Binding Source() ' Bind Binding Source1 to the list of states. Data Source = states ' Bind the two text boxes to properties of State.

I've already managed to connect with SQL Server Express 2008, using a Function ("consulta") inside a Module ("db"): Dim ad As Sql Data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter Function consulta(By Val tabela As String, Optional opt As Boolean = False, Optional optparam As String = "") As Data Set Dim ds As New Data Set Try Dim connstring As String = "Data Source=NOTEBOOK\SQLEXPRESS; Initial Catalog=Sys Market; Persist Security Info=True; User ID=admin; Password=XXXXXX" Dim con Obj As New Sql Connection(connstring) Dim sql As String If opt = True Then sql = "SELECT * FROM " & tabela & " " & optparam Else sql = "SELECT * FROM " & tabela End If Dim cmd As Sql Command = New Sql Command(sql, con Obj) ad.