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Bill simmons 10 simple rules to dating the sports guy

He later landed his job as sports column writer for an ESPN The Magazine.After Simmons became famous through his writing in the newspaper as Boston Sports Guy he got a job from ESPN.

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You can't even believe what's happening as you're reading along. If you want to cast your lot with Kid Rock, the White Stripes, Alicia Keys, India Arie, The Vines, The Hives or any of these other musical acts that people enjoy right now ... Quote after agonized quote from The Police, Rush, Styx, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Boston, Journey ... you would have thought we were these anguished, miserable, disaffected kids. Later he got an opportunity to work as a freelancer for Boston Phoenix.During his hard times, he also worked as a Bartender and waiter.Bill went on to study at the Brunswick School after leaving Greenwich Country Day School. He earned his post-graduate degree from Choate Rosemary Hall. A in Political Science and accomplished his master’s degree in print Journalism from Boston University.

Shortly after his graduation, Bill Simmons started working as a high school sports reporter at Boston Herald.

The couple is celebrating a happily married life till date and there are no any rumors of their divorce or complications till date.

Besides, Simmons is also a huge fan of several Boston's teams such as Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, as well as Boston Celtics.

In 2009 he got suspended from Twitter for 2 weeks from Twitter for illegal tweets about his books.

He was punished by ESPN for critical tweets of Boston Sports radio station.

He became so popular in few days that ESPN gave him a complete section which helped him get much more popularity.