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Bf2 stats updating

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I have a feeling BF2Hub is going to be the better of the two, but I think it's only proper to mention that Gameranger's there.

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I’ll continue to update this post to reflect new movements, happenings etc in the BF community. Few things: Y'all would probably like to know that Spencer has confirmed a shutdown date of November 17th, albeit without a specific time on the date.If you think that I should be executed instead of my code, then I suggest you head over to bf2* for your stale stats. Sign up for the Star Wars Newsletter and receive the exclusive in-game "Not the Droids" emote. I can unsubscribe at any time by changing my email preferences, emailing [email protected], or writing to Electronic Arts Inc., ATTN: Email Opt-Out, 209 Redwood Shores Pkwy, Redwood City, CA, 94065, USA.Revive has been providing the game files and using Battlefield trademarks on their sites for a Fuck revive, if they don't release there shit, we can't as a community keep it going by disobeying EA and doing what we want because EA can't stop thousands of people rehosting revive content.So basically they are the ones killing BF2, not EA. Logged in to do a new install so I could get back into it, and at some point they changed it from BF2 and individual expansions, now it's listing "Battlefield 2: Complete Collection".Hopefully they didn't muck it up and I can update from the install and get back in.

In Battlefield 2, players chose to fight for one of three military superpowers: the United States, the Chinese, or the newly formed Middle East Coalition.

This subreddit won't be going anywhere, unlike the Revive forums & discord. As of writing this it's still hiding somewhere in their new Minecraft Discord, if additional confirmation would be preferred. BF2Hub isn't necessarily the only way to continue playing BF2, but it's certainly the most famous.

Post cool shit, guides, do whatever as long as it is BF2 related. Gameranger as well has a few BF2 servers on it, if anyone is looking for a small expansion on their alternatives.

If your BF2Hub Client is running () you will receive updates from time to time.

Those updates will also backup your Battlefield2 data automatically!

But according to EA's Ben Sawyer, aka "Die Fledermaus", speaking on the Total BF2 forums, the team's now been able to catch up on processing.