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"It's an additional option for people who may need help getting through a difficult time, to help provide a therapeutic experience to those who may otherwise not receive it — whatever the reason.We view this as a big leap forward in digital health, particularly in the global challenge to democratize healthcare." UNICEF's U-Report bot allows young people worldwide to participate in social movements.

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Most recently, Do Not Pay launched an effort to help people affected by the Equifax breach sue the company in small claims court, potentially allowing them to avoid hiring a lawyer.Hundreds of chatbots now aim to spread social good.Here are five that offer users help with mental health, legal advice, getting a raise, adopting an animal, and sharing their voice.Chatbots are evolving to master more complex questions and requests.While it's still early days for the technology, companies across industries have tapped these virtual assistants to provide better customer service.To be amazing today, we need something more advanced.

Some chatbots are compact medical reference books, which are useful for patients and for those who want to learn more about health. Md are miniature doctors who help people find a solution to the most common symptoms through AI.

It’s impossible to fix these problems with a bot, but a bot can certainly help to make the situation better.

The first “operative” bot in the healthcare sphere dates back to 50 years ago.

Through Facebook Messenger and Twitter, the bot polls people age 13 and up on a variety of issues, ranging from education, sexual and reproductive health, access to health services, and how to navigate legal rights.

It then collects and shares the answers with the community, so decision makers can use the data to improve the lives of young people in their communities.

Don’t confuse these self-diagnosis tools with real doctors. The bot itself exhorts the user to book an appointment with a doctor for a diagnosis, and eventually for the prescription of a therapy.