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Best flowers dating

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Flowers, no matter what type, should never be bought from a petrol station.It’s also worth bearing in mind that to really get some show-stopping roses you’ll need to lavish some very serious money to get the best of the bunch.Supermarket sweep Supermarkets, unlike petrol stations, have come on leaps and bounds with their floral offerings and there are some really quite sumptuous bunches to be had here.Bunches to avoid If you haven’t got the time or inclination to have a florist assemble a tailor-made bunch for you, that’s fine, but it may be worth knowing that there are some genera of flower whose meanings have not been lost over time or whose meanings have become subverted by modern-day myths and prejudices, and it’s these you will do well to avoid.Carnations are generally thought of as a poor man’s flower.Are they very feminine, do they go for big statements, understatements, bold colours, or neutrals?

If you can go to a florist armed with just some of this information then you’re winning.

Notoriously cheap blooms, they also suffer from their forecourt image of yesteryear and as such are probably best left alone, unless you were hoping for ‘underwhelmed and disappointed’ on presentation of your offering.

Lilies are very popular but are commonly associated with funerals and should probably be given a wide berth in this respect.

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Petrol stations are yet to come into the 21st Century in floral terms, and tired blooms wrapped in spotty cellophane are, quite frankly, the ‘whatever’ of gifting flowers.