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Battleclinic killboard not updating

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Three of the gang kills have paid ransom for their pods for an amount totalling 50 million ISK.

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I jumped in on that fight and ganked the Claw but unfortunately let the Hulk slip away.More details will be posted on this page as they become available.IF YOU WANT TO CONTRIBUTE A PRIZE: -send me an in-game mail with the prize -post your prize on the eve-online forums in this thread -please note that I’m no longer taking additional “achievements” we have plenty, but 2nd and 3rd place need more prizes!My CEO in the Stabber played cat and mouse for a few minutes with the Muninn pilot before finally landing on him and locking him down.In the few moments it took for our ECM pilots to warp to the combat zone, his Stabber was already in low armor and he had no choice but to back off until the Muninn was jammed.A pilot with the experience and money to be flying a heavy assault cruiser and he didn't even bother putting drones in his bay?

With his targetting computers permanently jammed and no drones, he could do nothing but sit and watch as we destroyed his expensive ship.

Specifically: See how I made that all bold and red and stuff for the TL; DR crowd? Some minor changes to the formula this time then, the MAIN target in the event is Exhumer class vessels, that is Hulks and Mackinaws.

These are the ONLY ships that count for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

The response has been somewhat overwhelming, with a whole bunch of ships and cash prizes being donated (and still rolling in!

) So, it is with no small amount of joy that I am now announcing to you, that Hulkageddon II will be a week-long event in january!

I am already scared of the tech I version of the Muninn, the Rupture, so I could only imagine the pain that a tech II version of the ship could put out.