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Baby boomers speed dating

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A challenging but reasonably well-defined route continues into the upper valley, where the route leads to two additional upper lakes. Don't judge the weather by what's going on at your house!Check out the weather before you leave home and come prepared with appropriate hiking clothing (no jeans or cotton), waterproof boots, hiking poles, microspikes, backpack and snacks, and water.

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Plan on stops along the way to catch our breath and enjoy the view of Lake Helene and Notchtop Mountain.We'll finish the hike at the Fern Lake parking lot where we've left half the cars.These cars will take drivers back to cars left at Bear Lake. What to bring: This is Colorado and the weather can change in a minute.Then we'll begin our descent into the spectacular Odessa Gorge where Grace Falls drops more than a hundred feet down its steep slopes.For the next half-mile or so, as we proceed down the western slopes of Joe Mills Mountain, we'll enjoy spectacular views of Little Matterhorn and The Gable, as well as Odessa Lake sitting more than 500 feet in the valley below! Our main appeal is to Boomers (persons born between 19), but anyone who likes to have fun and wants to share an interest, sport, hobby or activity with others is invited to join.

We don't promote personal business ventures, politics or religion, nor are we a dating service. Please be mindful of our No Show Policy for events where a reservation is made or there is a waiting list for an event. Debbie and Robin Co-Organizers Let's meet at the Moonlight Diner for a refreshment before we head out to mingle with the sunflowers!

Group discount price of $19 per person..or credit cards.

Help us speed up the check in process and bring $19 cash to pay for your spot. We'll take turns "mining" for gold and ore while each tour is in progress. Water, a jacket and sturdy shoes (no open toe sandals). Prize Gold Mine, one of the most extensive and authentic mine tours in Colorado! Venture over 1,000 feet into the mine and see, feel and experience what it was like to be a hard rock miner over 100 years ago. Fall is almost here..the carpool location departure time is AM for an 8AM arrival time at the trailhead. Mc Cullough Gulch Trail is a popular 6 mile roundtrip trail starting at 11,000 feet.

Veer left at the fork towards Cub/Fern Lake Trailhead.

Drive past the Fern Lake Shuttle Stop to the Fern Lake Trailhead parking lot.

So, whether you like to dance, dine, hike, or drink coffee, it's a great way for like-minded people to join the fun. Bring your camera whether it's a phone camera or a more professional camera.