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Baby boomer dating blog

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However, one of the fundamental aspects of healthy relationships is being able to trust and depend on the other person, …

I highlighted many salient points that I will reference as needed in the future.With a life expectancy of 78 (5 years longer for women), when you turn about 40, you are entering what is known as middle age.Everyone goes through this transition, but not everyone experiences the same thing. Just wanted to let you know I whole heartily endorse today’s article and greatly appreciate the confirmation on something it took me a lot of years to figure out.”Dee Schmitt-Allen writes: “I am a mom who is sending her son off to college this Sunday and cannot talk about it without HUGE alligator tears running down my face. LOVED reading your blog on ‘Releasing a Child into the World’ … Thanks again.” by Amy Sherman, is a perfect guide for those Baby Boomers who have lost their zest for life.Amy takes you step by step into discovering how you can turn a life of frustration and disappointment into a life full of possibility and positivity.In addition, Amy co-created an 8 hr and 12 hr Anger Management Coursefor divorced and divorcing co-parents to help them cope during this difficult life transition. Continue reading Who hasn’t told a little white lie so you didn’t have to meet someone for lunch or go to a party?

Actually, occasionally telling a white lie may be helpful when you are managing your interpersonal relationships.

She also provides insightful exercises at the end of each chapter to help you practice your newfound awareness.

As a 62 year old attractive, intelligent and self examined woman, I will begin dating again in the near future.

I appreciate your directness, detailed explanations and brief stories.

Your book is so well written and engaging that I finished it in 2 1/2 hours.

Hearing loss is widespread, and creative solutions to address the problem are gathering momentum.