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Avg update manager not updating

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If you try to update your drivers, you’re told that the installed drivers “can cause problems, system slowdowns and bluescreen errors.” This is technically true, but very unlikely.

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However, at times the AVG update process gets terminated due to various AVG update errors.Other users report the company charged them more than $30 after they attempted to buy a subscription, tacking on “add-ons” that raised the price.Other people report crashes and blue-screens after installing updated drivers from this application — not a huge surprise.Note: AVG warn you when you disable database updates in its program window with ‘You are not fully protected Update Manager: Database Update is disabled.’ clicking ‘Fix Now’ will re-enable the definition update schedule task but not the program update schedule task. 2017 Update: If you’re using AVG 2017 or later (uses Avast technologies)1. We suggest you to keep the database update enabled. Driver updates occasionally arrive via Windows Update, so a serious problem will be fixed just by installing your normal updates.

Windows also automatically downloads the necessary drivers when you connect new hardware.

AVG Free antivirus automatically updates virus definitions and program update, they’re pre-configured in such a way in Settings.

If you want to disable AVG automatic updates due to slow internet connection or downloading and installing updates taking longer time than expected, follow the steps below.

Disabling AVG definition and program update scheduled tasks1.

Open AVG user interface, click Options Schedules, select’ Definition Update Schedule’ and uncheck ‘Enable this task’, click ‘OK’.

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