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Automatic updating charts in excel

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Hello, We have a master excel sheet that we keep our monthly stats for our website on.

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The data source needs to have columns for employee name, unique identifier, and the person the employee reports to.Visio will generate this sample text file for you – start the Organization Chart Wizard, select Information that I enter using the wizard, and click Next.On the next page, select Delimited text, type a file name, and click Next.If you have a new chart, use Visio to compare it with your older chart and tell you what’s changed.I am trying to create an automatic updating chart for excel using the information from Move related shapes near each other, and then add dotted-line connectors to show secondary reporting structures. Drag the Team Frame shape from the Shapes window onto the drawing, then use the sizing handles on the sides to make it include the individuals on the virtual team.

If new data doesn’t exactly match the data the chart was built with, you might have to move individuals manually.

Replace the sample data with your real data and finish the wizard to generate the org chart.

The Organization Chart templates add an Org Chart tab to the ribbon.

When I follow the steps, the x and y values have a delay where the x value will update 1 cell ahead of the y value.

the data which are linked to the charts are on the same page. ( as at now when the data is changed, excel will automatically update the charts) How to ahieve this?

You might be able to get away without having to use macros if the update means that the old values stay the same and new values are entered at the end of the existing data.