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Pulling the opening of the rubber garment, she fitted it around my scrotum, then let go and it snapped into place, gathering my balls in its tight grip. After a minute or so, Aunty Pat tapped me on the shoulder and said: "That's enough, Rick, no need to make a meal of it! "Here," she said, "take this", and thrust the metal bar into my hands. "This bar will remain in your hands throughout the session," Aunty Pat explained.

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She surveyed Anita's handiwork and smiled at me: "There, that should help drive those lustful thoughts from your naughty mind, my dear. I let out an involuntary "Oooouch" and earned a reprimand from Miss Anita: "No, Rick, it's 'One, thank-you Aunty Pat'." "Sorry," I apologised, "one, thank-you Aunty Pat." The words were hardly out of my mouth than the second stroke stung home across my shoulder blades. Already the strain on my legs was starting to tell. After 10 strokes, Aunty Pat halted and handed the cat to Anita.As I stroked her breast, slowly sucked and pulled into her mouth.'I usually sleep with my mom thrice a week. I wanted to be really gentle coz this is her 1st time ever. She responded positively, began to return kisses with eager. Some say Indian porn is better than anything so we invite you to check out our amazing collection of Indian videos available right here in this hot category and start exploring them all in a fantastic experience of oriental porn.Miss Anita stood alluringly before me, her nipples peeping through the open-fronted PVC bra, her minge brown and inviting.Then she raised the flogger and cracked it down across my chest. "And now this is why you're going to enjoy this position, Rick," I heard my aunt say from her seat.Owen has been dreaming all his life of fucking his Mom and taking his dads monster cock up his ass.

The day it all comes true he founds out that his is the only man in the house and he must act like a girl infront of his parents be there girly slut...

" "I want to fuck you, aunty," I said, as fervently as I could. "Oh dear, Nita, it looks like we've got a problem here.

Look, Rick, we're training you to be a sex slave and that's our number one priority now.

Aunty Pat had chosen a lustrous black PVC top which covered her shoulders and breasts, heaving the 40-inch glories into stunning uplift, the nipples sticking out in the shiny material. She went bare-crotched but her legs were encased in gleaming black leather boots which came half-way up her thighs. On her short-cropped brown hair sat a jaunty little black Muir cap, an open fronted red PVC brassiere thrust her 34-inch breasts forward enticingly and a red satin garter belt held up shiny black stockings. "Now my dear," she announced, "it's time to teach you pose flogging.

You're going to do the posing, we're going to do the flogging. " "Yes, aunty," I replied, "but there's something I want to say." Aunty looked me directly in the eyes and nodded: "Say away!

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