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Asian speed dating in london

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"I realised there was a huge demand for a platform to bring Asian singles of the same religion together in an environment that didn't need to involve the whole family."Our first speed dating event four years ago in London attracted over 150 professional Asian singles.

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For young British Asian Maha Khan, setting up an Asian speed dating company was an obvious move.'Cultural clashes' A recent Muslim matrimonial event held in London offered a glimpse into the current climate.The male host asked: "How many women in the room today would be willing to move in with their in-laws after marriage?In 2005 the government recorded just over 10,000 women coming to the UK from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as part of a marriage.Whatever the reasons are for marrying a woman from "back home", it leaves an even smaller pool of men for British Asian women to fish in."But you tend to only see this in cities where Asian communities are more liberal.

Outside of London, for example, a mixed marriage is still a big deal." While "marrying out" offers a new avenue, some women are still wary because of the cultural clashes that a mixed union can bring.

I can personally vouch that for every miserable, white Bridget Jones singleton out there, there is a brown Bridget having a worse time.

Many young British Asian women, be they Muslim, Sikh or Hindu, are struggling to find a life partner.

Since when did skin shade, religion and the prospect of living with your in-laws become a concern for educated, career women looking for Mr Right?

For British Asian females, who are facing a shrinking pool of eligible men, Bridget Jones had it easy.

"But the difference is I want to find someone of the same faith, so I have a much smaller choice of men." It's not just religion that Samina has to contend with.