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And that girls like us can lead ourselves to dangerous situations for this validation. I blame a world that never runs out of When I began compromising my values and independence, I knew I had a problem.

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Prostitution has also become associated with a number of problems, including organized crime, government corruption and sexually transmitted diseases.Our attractions can give us vital reminders that our sexuality is not just a natural attraction to one or more genders; desires that might seem subconscious can be influenced not just by structures of power but also by our own personal relationship with ourselves.Before I presented myself in a way that is traditionally associated with femininity in the West, I was already being perceived as femme due to the way I was racialized.When I started presenting more femme, I could see more clearly how sexuality is set up to make Asian people disposable at the hands of white people.I know that a lot of trans femmes feel like their femininity is verified when a straight man desires them.I think for many trans femmes, there are parts of us that we don’t want to encounter.

There is too much pain that could possibly be uncovered, that we’re not ready to heal.

My reflections upon my own sexuality have made me more attuned to how our fears and desires are intertwined. How are our desires and phobias a manifestation of a part of us that we don’t yet want to address?

xoài phạm is a Contributing Writer for Everyday Feminism.

My femininity was outside of my control; it was dictated to me in transmisogynist, racist ways.

My femininity was only valuable when I was exoticized as an Asian person; my femininity was perceived as hyper-feminine since I was both Asian and feminine-presenting.

Over time, these institutional structures naturally seep into media representation to reinforce the idea that Asian men are not desirable because their manhood isn’t authenticated by what white settlers have defined as masculine.