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Are lewis and hannah dating yogscast

Lewis Brindley is a You Tube star who has managed to make his place in the You Tube world from his Minecraft themed videos.

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His primary series on the Yogscast Complete Server takes this theme up a rather disturbing notch by focussing on the recreation of a horror A former member of the Yogscast who was present from late 2012 until December 2015. Dead Workers Party is the former title of duo Brent Copeland and Eric Fullerton, who during their brief membership rebranded to YOGSCAST Brent & Eric.He eventually left on good terms, and may appear in the future. The British born You Tuber Lewis Brindley has a You Tube channel named YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon along with his friend Simone Lane. A tutorial expert, video editor and new member of the Yogscast. He runs a Grand Theft Auto V stream with Sjin, Tom and later Simon called the Chilluminati stream, as well as an Edge of the Empire stream with that same crew, as well as Lewis, titled Yogs Quest Live (formerly Space Tossers, currently on hiatus). Designed many of the avatars for the Yogscast to begin with, but this is no longer his main role. He is an artist and editor for the Yogscast, and while he doesn't have a channel, he frequently appears in video and streams, like Tom Clark.

A Norwegian artist for the Yogscast that serves as lead artist.

He also directs and is a co-founder of the media production company and video game publisher called YOGSCAST which is based in Bristol.

Lewis Brindley was born on October 22, 1983, under the birth sign Libra in England.

Fyre UK is the youtube channel of Matthew Needler and Phil Southam (more commonly known as Matt and Phil), co-founders of the Minecraft build team Fyre.

Whilst their channel maintains a focus on Minecraft timelapse builds, they have also released a number of Let's Play series, and prior to joining the Yogscast created the adventure map for Hat Films' series There are many individuals currently playing on the Yogscast Complete Official Server (and other adventures) who, while not considered paid members of the Yogscast, do work on the servers or as characters / contributors for other members series'.

In his channel, he shares mini-games and Minecraft adventure videos.