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Are gretchen rossi and slade smiley still dating

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The former Real Housewives of Orange County stars talked about Slade’s almost-stint on The Bachelor, Gretchen’s business, and revealed whether they’d come back to RHOC in the future and they also shared their thoughts on the negativity of the show.Slade says after ending his relationship so publicly with Jo De La Rosa on RHOC there was a lot of interest in him.

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But you’re still tied for a period of time and the truth is that’s the reason they spun me off and we did ‘Date My Ex’.TELL US – DO YOU WANT SLADE AND GRETCHEN BACK ON REALITY TV?AFTER TEN YEARS TOGETHER DO YOU NOW BELIEVE THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS THE REAL DEAL?When the Turkey is marinating in your belly and you're working on your nth piece of pie, and maybe thinking of what to get your sis, co-worker, wife, or friend on your Holiday shopping gift list who is expecting #Gift Guide #Moms To Be via @Bellyitch Miranda Kerr has a floral themed organic skin care brand and matches it perfectly with her floral late summer frocks.Slade Smiley and Gretchen Rossi hung out with Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie on her podcast, Scheananigans.We’re doing a lot of things behind the camera and he has some amazing projects that he’s producing on and doing, so that’s been exciting for us.

To still be in the entertainment space but not necessarily have to be on a show like Housewives that’s just all about negativity and tearing women down.

Here’s the sad thing, too: they’re easily replaced because there’s somebody right behind you willing to say something, cause controversy or make something up.

I can’t even tell you the people that they’d use Gretchen’s picture for casting calls.” He says they’d claim to know Gretchen and Slade to get on the show and even Photoshop themselves into photos with Gretchen using pictures off the internet, trying to make it look like they were friends.

She encouraged Scheana to Google it because Slade has a great ass and legs. Gretchen then talked a lot about wishing she had frozen her eggs in her 20s and encouraged Scheana to do it ASAP.

If you’re interested in listening to Gretchen’s journey with fertility and Slade‘s vasectomy reversal and their four years of attempting to have a baby, it all starts around the 24-minute mark.

“This past year we were acquired by this really amazing group of people.