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An online masterlist is provided to supply metadata for many plugins that need it, while users can make their own metadata additions, which are saved in their userlist.LOOT is intended to make using mods easier, and mod users should still possess a working knowledge of mod load ordering.

The documentation is distributed under the GNU Free Documentation License v1.3.Installer.exe" executable, which is per se everything you need.In case you prefer a over an installer executable, please head over to LOOT's official website.In addition, the following are credited with application-related support: Original icon: jonwd7Translations: Brazilian Portuguese: Kassane Chinese: bluesky404Czech: The Potato Chronicler Danish: Freso Finnish: 3ventic French: Kaos German: lpradel Japanese: kuroko137Korean: Steam B23Polish: Łukasz Niemczyk Russian: Tokc. LOOT uses the Boost, cpptoml, github-api, Jed, Jed Gettext Parser, lodash, Marked, nlohmann/json, Polymer and spdlog libraries, and the Chromium Embedded Framework.Copyright license information for all these may be found here [].If you encounter an issue with LOOT, check the Frequently Asked Questions page in case a solution is available there.

Otherwise, general discussion and support takes place in LOOT’s official forum thread, which is linked to on LOOT's homepage.

While LOOT is able to calculate correct load order positions for the vast majority of plugins using only their content, it cannot do so for all plugins.

As such, LOOT provides a mechanism for supplying additional plugin metadata so that it may sort them correctly.

It may be that what the derivative work would do differently is already planned for a future version of LOOT or would be happily integrated into LOOT, thus avoiding any extra effort by others.

LOOT has been specifically designed to prevent it being locked into the LOOT Team’s official masterlist repositories.

LOOT also provides some load order error checking, including checks for requirements, incompatibilities and cyclic dependencies.