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American dating indian man

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It's very rare that you see Indian men at the gym or even the ones that you have seen so far are not there anymore cause the chances are they stopped.Indian men probably has the most bloated faces I have seen mostly south Asians mainly because of their centuries of diet habits of highly amount of carbs and sodium.

Before I answer this, we need take a close look into how their minds work and how there sexuality was primed initially. Moreover, it's very evident on the internet that Indian are the inspiration behind memes and stereotypes, which are countless and more about that which we'll discuss below.Most women that complain on the social media about Indian men is not the penis size or their height or even their accent it is the most common stereotypes like bad breath, body odor issues, behavior and etiquette problem, not confident, hygiene issues.When they say they don't want to date Indian men they actually mean is they don't want the a man with these kind of Indian stereotypes, they don't hate the man they hate the things that he brings with him.I have seen numerous articles, rants and banter over different threads across all kinds of discussion forums on the internet by Indian/ Asian dudes saying how white girls and American women hate them,avoid them, don't want to date them blah blah and so on. After the advent of MTV and rap songs, NBA , black swagger took to the media by storm that's when they started flowing into the mainstream and hit it off with white girls before that their game was as hard as you can imagine , there were hardly any white women open to dating them.I have read , analysed countless articles over the years and here is my two cents on this matter. So clearly we can see here is that media is the initial culprit.There are things that you need to change and adapt to, first change comes from within. Get below 15% bodyfat where you you'll be able to flaunt a jawline and abs, workout get muscular, learn to be a better conversationalist, develop some interesting hobbies , pickup something like MMA or Boxing, get a new wardrobe, get a sense of better dressing, improve your manners and etiquette, make some Lifestyle changes, stop eating foods that cause body odor, be social and meet more people , develop a sense of humor or practice charm and the list goes on.

After having these things or even some of them trust me your life will change the way people view you will change and women of all races will start finding you attractive. Lots of stereotypes for (fobby) indian guys but those can be easily overcome on an individual level.

Any time I see a South Asian guy complaining on Reddit I can envision how they probably look irl. The first time I saw an Indian guy who had mainstream appeal in the West was Jay Sean. Turns out he is Indian, born and raised in England.

They don't deserve to be happy if they can't put in the effort You couldn't be more wrong.

Just like in every other country media potrays the benchmark of beauty and sex symbol and almost all the girls growing up grew up fancing the standards of beauty set by the media filled with only white mails. The media shapes the sexuality of these girls and that's why they behave how they behave.

Now since we have already talked about the " White girls " and their " preferences" let's talk about the other end of the spectrum the Indian men.

When was the last time you saw an Indian guy with good Jawline?