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Amber dating three men

Amber becomes the patient in Wilson's Heart, where she experiences multiple organ failures as the disease progresses.

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She quickly mutinied and took eight others with her with only Cole staying behind to do the work.However, House saw through the deception because Cuddy’s bra that day didn’t match.Eventually, Cole succeeded in the challenge and picked Amber as one of the two people House would have to choose to fire.She drifted into the room where their patient (a drug addict she had expressed contempt for) was recovering, saying she was trying not to care.In Frozen, House was sure that Wilson was not only dating someone, but was dating someone he knew. He cornered Wilson in a fancy restaurant and was shocked when Amber showed up.When House suggested in "You Don't Want to Know" that the person who stole Cuddy's thong would get to stay another week, the rest of the applicants were reluctant until they realized that Amber was going to try to do it.

Amber tried to cheat by giving her thong to Taub, who tried to pass it off as Cuddy’s.

When House split up the remaining applicants into men’s and women’s teams in 97 Seconds, Amber asked to be assigned to the men’s team, figuring that if the men won, it would be unlikely that House would wind up hiring nothing but male fellows, although it was clear that if the women won, it was unlikely she would survive the competition against them.

She secured her employment, at least for a time, when House paged her just before he electrocuted himself into a cardiac arrest just to prove a point.

Amber's ambitious personality was easily seen by the mirror patient in Mirror Mirror when he commented that he (as her) was always right and had to be.

Amber tried to laugh it off, but was taken aback when he added "If they don't like you, you gotta be right -- or you're not worth anything." Like the rest of the applicants, she was saved when House decided not to fire anyone so everyone would lose their bets on the pool Chase was running to see who would be fired next. Amber wasn’t much help in Whatever It Takes, and survived because Travis Brennan deliberately poisoned the patient in order to fake a disorder then fake a cure so he could get funding to test a theory.

Lawrence Kutner ratted her out for it, but almost got fired for “squealing”.