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He became a Waggoner, and worked along the frontier and in the Indian country for some time.On leaving the ranger service he moved to La Grange, and took up work at his trade as wheelwright at 50 cents a day.

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And all them work for Assistant District Attorney Alex Cahill, a beauty, strong and brilliant Texas lady who watches that Walker and Trivette don't break the rules for catching the bad guys.Who is either a Ninja or a higher degree black belt? And all this is done in SLOW MOTION for your pure enjoyment. After all,this is an action-packed show that you'll never know what to expect. Want to see scenes of people using rocket launchers, AK-47's,explosive devices,and other means to take out the baddies while at the same seeing Walker used his awesome skills to take out a villain with a high kick to the forehead while breaking faces in the name of the law? A bus transporting female convicts is forced off the road and the ones who force it off the road are the partners of two of the convicts on the bus. In the near future, an organized crime group known as the "Outfit" has become a major force in America. Walker tells children a Christmas story about a Texas Ranger from 1876. In 1876, a baby was kidnapped and Haynes was assigned the case. An experienced member of Texas Rangers, a special police unit, arrives to compete in a pistol shooting tournament, but so does a hitman who's planing to assassinate a US senator who will be among the spectators.His partner is Texas Ranger James "Jimmy" Trivette(Clarence Gilyard),who had grown up in the tough streets of Baltimore and used football as his ticket to a college education and a career with the Dallas Cowboys until an injury forced him to retire. Wilson)his sometimes girlfriend and later on during the series her and Walker would eventually get married,frowns on Walker's methods,even if they do not get results.

Despite Jimmy's belief in computers and scientific technology along with criminology,especially in some of the episodes it's up to Walker to save him from a certain fate when they both likely to be in a fistfight or karate kicks whenever the situation got out of hand. Sometimes,and in some of the episodes Alex may get into a tough situation with some diabolical villain who uses her as bait to capture Walker,but he comes through saves Cahill from disaster and from their kicks the living daylights out of the villain who he brings to justice.

He also works on instincts, due he lived since the childhood in an Indian Reservation with his uncle Ray after the death of his parents.

James Trivette is his partner, a former player for the Dallas Cowboys football team who uses the modern approach to crime solving such as computers and cellular phones, disbeliever with Walker's methods.

Compared to Clarence Gilyard, Jr.'s other character, from his previous show, Matlock (1986), James Trivette has remained single for the entire series, despite occasional romantic attachments. See more » This was a show that was rocky at first when it debuted in 1993, but turned out a perennial powerhouse every Saturday evening from the astounding eight seasons that it ran on CBS-TV.

From the premiere episode on April 21,1993 to the final episode of the series on May 19,2001,the series "Walker, Texas Ranger" was one of the best action shows to ever come out of the 1990's and for good reason.

He believes in dealing with criminals the old-fashioned way and from there bringing them to justice.