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I grew up in the 1970s, when “dressed up” equaled clothes and hair washed within memory. It’s gotta be part of your culture now.” Done, done, and done. Senate Seersucker Caucus, because — well, to be honest, I fear those professional fund-raisers are hijacking seersucker.

(It was also wash-and-wear: Haspel once famously walked into the ocean in his seersucker suit, hung it to dry, and dined in it that very evening.) The fabric puckers because during weaving, the yarn tension is regularly released, and Haspel, in the heat, humidity, and pre-air-conditioning reality of New Orleans, recognized the value of a cheap fabric that could make long-lasting suits that would also be comfortable.The best anti wrinkle creams are neither too thick nor are they too liquid.You will want to choose a product that actually gets rid of your wrinkles, rather than just tightening your skin to provide a temporary solution.Anti wrinkle serums are very popular for getting rid of wrinkles, since you can actually feel your skin get tight right after it is applied.The only problem with serums is that they are not actually absorbed into the skin, so they only provide a tightening on the outside of the face.“The other term this was known as was Ivy League,” says Steve Ashworth of Ashworth’s Clothing & Shoes in Fuquay-Varina, whom I called when I was finally ready to personally address the puckers and stripes.

Ashworth’s has remained a main-street menswear store, resisting mallification just as the small Wake County town has resisted becoming a satellite of Raleigh. “For others, it’s a dressing tradition — they’ve had it as long as they can remember.

Rumple implies activity; it implies attention to more than just your clothes; it implies not caring overmuch. We don’t live in a world where you can take the summer off, and we don’t want to withdraw into a hermetically-sealed, air-conditioned box.

You want to smell the wisteria and hear the screen door and feel the ceiling fan and wave away the bugs and brush pecan catkins off your shoulders, and hey, is that another tray of drinks?

You can leave off the straw boater (see “irony,” above, unless you’re in New Orleans), but his point was made. Blue stripes, mind you — pink or green or brown might be fun in a shirt or a bow tie, but for a suit, you go with the tradition. The fundamental point of seersucker is that it’s cool — I mean temperature cool. Another way to put this — important to those of us who still rebel against Nice Clothes — is that no matter how dashing a profile you may cut, in seersucker, you always look a little rumpled.

It enables you to do things during the hot summer, when merely sitting and complaining is at its most attractive. Seersucker openly announces: There’s value in a certain degree of rumpledness.

Writer Damon Runyon confused his friends by wearing the material: “They know that seersucker is very cheap and they cannot reconcile its lowly status in the textile world with the character of Runyon, the King of the Dudes,” he said.