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Aaron rogers dating brady quinn

The trend was common among acting celebrities but now it is rising among athletes.”Aaron Rodgers Car” contains a detailed summary of the car collection he has.

All witnesses stated there was no fight, argument or other type of animosity between anyone during the party.Witnesses stated Kelso consumed alcoholic beverages throughout the day, along with several other people at the residence.At one point during the evening, Kelso’s friends, Casey Mathews and Christopher Schargus, both of Redding CA, attempted to take him outside of the residence due to him being extremely intoxicated, spilling drinks and falling down.Later, deputies received information from a social media outlet that the alleged assault was possibly race related.One of the persons who made a social media post, prior to Kelso being able to provide details of the incident, stated during an later interview they believed this was a hate crime due to Kelso being African American and the incident occurred in a predominately white community, (Cottonwood CA).There has been no evidence to substantiate any criminal charge against any of the involved parties at this time and Kelso’s injuries were a result of an accident, not that of a deliberate act to injure him.

There is also no evidence that this incident was fueled by any racial biases.

Detectives have consulted with the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office, presenting all the information, facts and the findings of the investigation.

The District Attorney’s Office has agreed with the finding that no criminal conduct was discovered during the course of the investigation. If any future information or evidence is discovered the Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit will conduct follow up and the case can be reopened if necessary.

Due to Kelso’s previous behavior, the attendees of the party believed he was laying on the ground and unable to get up due to his high level of intoxication.

After approximately 20 to 30 minutes medical personnel were called and Kelso was transported to the hospital to be treated.

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