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In addition to offering exclusive collections from LA-based makers, unique Hauser & Wirth artist products, and exceptional items from our gallery and farm in Somerset, England, the Gallery Shop also features products from nonprofit organizations such as Restoration of the complex opened this 6,000 square foot central space – previously covered for over 60 years – to the sky above, creating a dramatic location for outdoor sculpture, informal gathering, and special events.A 25-foot tall Coast Live Oak, a native and protected species in California, anchors the middle of the complex.

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Controls allow you to set time and date, aiming point, orbital elements to track an asteroid or comet, and a variety of viewing options.On that reply page you can enter different dates and times, observing locations, viewing directions, display options, and orbital elements of asteroids and comets you wish to track.If you don't know your latitude and longitude, you can specify them by selecting a nearby city, then navigate to the Horizon View from the resulting Sky Map page.At Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles, public engagement and education are centered around the gallery’s exhibitions, artists, public garden, and the history and resources found in our surrounding communities.Exhibition programs aim to instigate a dialogue between the works on view and our diverse audiences – artists, downtown residents, community partners, students, and faculty of Southern California schools and academic institutions.Allowing a website to create a cookie does not give that or any other site access to the rest of your computer, and only the site that created the cookie can read it.

You can produce maps in the forms described below for any time and date, viewpoint, and observing location.

To provide access without cookies would require the site to create a new session for every page you visit, which slows the system down to an unacceptable level.

This site stores nothing other than an automatically generated session ID in the cookie; no other information is captured.

Children under 12 should be accompanied by an adult at all times. Dogs are not permitted inside the galleries unless they are service dogs.

Please proceed to the Front Desk in South Gallery or the Information Desk in the Courtyard to check in your service dog.

To make a sky map, enter the latitude and longitude of your observing site in the boxes below (be sure to check the correct “North/South” and “East/West” settings) and press the “Make Sky Map” button below the form.