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It is imperative to tell your date when you know sex is imminent – not after.

Unfortunately, there are times when people won’t be able to accept your herpes diagnoses. Even if it takes a little bit, you will find someone who wants to have sex with you again.It’s up to you Some people even drop the fact they have herpes into as many conversations as possible because it helps destigmatize it.It’s up to you, but you don’t want to wait too long.You'll also learn the 5 dangerous mistakes that will ruin your sex life and relationship. However, all sorts of people can contract this STI, and it says nothing about your character if you did. Your doctor can tell you as much, just like she can tell you over 25 million adults have herpes.Those who try to paint people with STIs as bad or unclean are narrow-minded. You should also discuss with your doctor your medication options, which will include those to take on a daily basis suppress outbreaks and those that will treat it.For example, it’s not inevitable that he will get herpes just because he’s dating someone with herpes.

Being knowledgeable might be the difference between him being able to accept that you have herpes or not.

Many people struggle with what exactly to say, so you can work off of this template From here, you can talk about how you were once diagnosed with herpes and that you now treat it and must have safer sex to avoid transmission.

You can reassure your date with facts and answer any questions.

In the moment one of you might freak out, or you might not take the appropriate precautions.

So if you think you might have sex at the end of your third date, it might be something you bring up at the beginning of that date.

While he may not have symptoms, he may be among the 80% of people who don’t realize they have herpes. So if you’re going in to get tested or have already done so, you can encourage him to do the same.